Lovely to meet you!
My name is Ben, I'll be teaching you  British and American Literature 4 this semester.
As we all know, the Corona Virus is forcing us to change some of our plans, but that is OK! We can still grow, learn and enjoy university during this difficult time.I would like to reassure you that COVID-19 cannot stop us at Mie University from teaching and learning!
So, with that in mind-I would like to let you know that there is a Practice Zoom Session on May 8th at 4:20 pm

Your first official lecture will be taking place on ZOOM, May 15th.
The lecture will be the same time and same length as usual. Please make sure you understand how to use Zoom before the lecture.I have attached a URL to the Zoom website for your convenience.

I look forward to meeting you, please stay healthy and safe,